What Soul Am I Undertale

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What Soul Am I Undertale

Okay, So ive happen to be considering. We have all seen the spirits.


I just want to note that what Toby has said about Deltarune is to describe it as 'a game you play after you play Undertale'.Regardless of the nature of the actual, in-universe continuity or lack thereof between these two titles, whatever it may be, the intent for the audience is for them to go into Deltarune with the experience, or at least the knowledge, of Undertale already in place and in-mind.

What Soul Am I Undertale Quiz

Persistence, Perserverance, Integrity, Kindness, Justice, Braveness and The allmighty Perseverance.

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I'michael here with an Undertale test thingy that tells you the colour of your soul, according to Undertale! I'll talk to you some questions, and then I'll tell you what your soul color will be! I had taken an Undertale soul colour questions on this site I wear't remember the title of, and my soul was Teal, the soul the Rights. If you want to get the test, type this in thé comments:Dón't you acknowledge that there's no formula for problems that'beds quicker than listenin' to me?Here's the different sorts of souls:Réd: The soul óf DeterminationOrange: the souI of BraveryYellow: thé soul of JusticéGreen: the soul óf KindnessBlue: the souI of IntegrityCyan/Gentle Blue: the soul óf PatiencePurple: the souI of PerseveranceHope yóu men enjoy the quiz! Make sure you don't complain if you didn't get the soul colour you wished; ya get what ya get and ya wear't throw a suit.

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Oh, and your even more than encouraged to post Undertale associated tasks in this facility! Anyways, farewell, individuals!:D-Lightning81.