Walking With Dinosaurs Giganotosaurus

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1 of 15 Giganotosaurus has been 40 to 46 ft long (12-14 meters) and weigh roughly 6 to 8 tonnes. The teeth of Tyrannosaurus were much longer and wider, but even more adjustable in size.The teeth of Giganotosaurus were shorter, less adjustable and narrower thán those of Tyrannósaurus, and had been more modified for slicing flesh as to a edge or blade.A well-developed olfactory area means that it probably had a good sense of odor. Its skull, although large, got a slender construct. It´beds arms had been lengthy and effective, tipped with large paws on each bottom, that were utilized to open up massive gashes onto the skin of it´s i9000 prey.Titanosaur fossils have been recovered near the remains to be of Giganotosaurus, top to speculation that these carnivores may possess preyed on the giant herbivores. Fossils of associated Carcharodontosaurids grouped closely jointly may reveal pack looking, a conduct that could possibly extend to Giganotosaurus itseIf. Blanco and Mazzétta (2001) estimated that Giganotosaurus might have got been able of operating at speeds up to 14 metre distances per 2nd (31 mph).

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Info: First discovered in the early 1990's by an amatuer fossil collector and mechanic, Rueben Carolin (Hence its specific name) near the Argentinian town of Villa El Chocon, Giganotosaurus, one of the largest meat-eating dinosaurs or theropods, was slightly larger than Tyrannosaurus rex, but was less heavily-built and had a banana-sized.