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I really need the capability to tie the Therion finishérs to another key therefore that I can keep on mashing the buttons without stressing about doing them. I have got a issue spotting the artes becoming used, which one will be the last one presently in the string, and when I consider and be patient I end up lacking the combination windowpane for the next move (usually the 3rm or especially 4th shift that is certainly available).I didn't have got a problem with this until I found out that remaining in therion mode might consult better bonuses. One I got enough spirits I has been generally Arte Combination - Claw - Artes Combo - therion finisher (I think they are called Bust Spirits?) and then either start up another combination or go directly into making use of claw once again.

I really need the ability to tie up the Therion finishérs to another button so that I can keep on mashing the buttons without worrying about carrying out them. I have got a problem knowing the artes being used, which one will be the last one currently in the chain, and when I attempt and end up being individual I finish up lacking the combo screen for the following move (usually the 3rg or especially 4th move that is certainly obtainable).I didn't possess a problem with this until I discovered out that keeping in therion setting might confer better bonus deals. One I experienced enough spirits I has been usually Arte Combo - Claw - Artes Combo - therion finisher (I believe they are usually called Bust Spirits?) and then either begin up another combo or go straight into using claw again.

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Just completed it. The last half really fell aside for me with the story heading into insane city. I didn't really feel for any of the main characters except Bienfu ánd Magilou, but éh, everyone's different.

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Velvet was a fairly good character in the very first fifty percent but the way they dramatized Artiróus and his previous combined with her growth or alienated motivations made me sense like there was a load of wasted potential to truly perform something exclusive.Rokuro and Eizen were cool even though. Magilou has been quite amazing becuase she by no means actually dwells as well serious into melodrama ánd manages to maintain her eccentricities. Bienfu is definitely one of my preferred JRPG heroes in a while.Biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiien!

At the end of my first playthrough, about half of them were in alt. Colors, while the other half was in classic Tales costumes. Color + braid she was in Rutee's outfit for most of the game, since you don't get her alt. Color until almost the end Laphicet: Richard costume. Sticky notes font settings. Rokurou: Ludger costume. Color + Hubert's spectacles.

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I have a few demands, although I wear't understand how achievable they are usually.1. A 'Seres-style' mod for Velvet's i9000 default clothing. Preferably, this would use the textures from Seres' own outfit; if that isn'capital t possible, after that simply the colour plan would become great. Seres colour locks would become cool, as well.2. A non-damaged edition of Velvet't Color Variant outfit. The first is sculpted and ripped all over, as it has been a plot job using whatever Velvet could find, but it appears weird for her 'new' version of said clothing to become damaged as well.3. A edition of Magilou't Menagerie clothing that fits Velvet Eleanor's Menagerie outfits, as Magilou's color structure is usually all over the place.

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It would end up being great if you could create it appear identical to the others, with magenta rather.4. A swapped version of the Swordsman't Eyepatch. l'd like tó use it for Rokurou, but I would like it to cover his right eye rather.If any of this can be feasible, it would end up being greatly valued.