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The Strident-class Star Defender was a warship used by the New Republic Defense Fleet in the later years of the New Republic. Produced by the Corellian Engineering Corporation, the Strident-class saw action against the Yuuzhan Vong. Three were stationed at Corellia during the Battle of Fondor.

Viscount-class Superstar DefenderManufacterorMon Calamari ShipyardsPróduct LineMon Calamari Superstar CruisersModelViscount-class Superstar DefenderClassStar DefenderLength17 kilometersHyperdrive RatingClass 1.0ArmamentHeavy turbolasers (2,000)Turbolasers (2,000)Assault concussion missile tubes (200)Large ion cannons (300)Point-defense laser cannons (500)Tractor light beam projectors (40)Crew68,174Passengers12,500 TroopsAffiliationThe Viscount-class Celebrity Defender had been a quite large warship developed by the Mon Calamari. Material Characteristics DimensionsThe Viscount-class Celebrity Defender was envisioned as the New Republic equivalent of an Executor-class Superstar Dreadnaught. As such, it tested about 17 kms.Although somewhat shorter in size than the Exécutor-class, the exceptional construction abilities of the Wednesday Calamari enabled the boat to bring even more starfighters, simply because properly as having a considerably smaller team. Its form was furthermore more compact than the Exécutor-class ánd it experienced heavier and even more extensive shield. Dozens of docking clamps allowed the charter boat to straight dock with several other funds ships at the same timeOffensive and Shielding CapabilitiesThe Viscount-class had been equipped with over nine thousand weapons systems, like large turbolaser batteries and invasion concussion missile Iaunchers. The Viscount also had heavy ion cannons, stage defense laser cannons, and various tractor ray prohectors. The Viscount'h shields acquired backups, like earlier Calamari designs, and had been highly regenerative.

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  • We breakdown the Viscount Star Defender - the New Republic's greatest capital ship, the largest Mon Calamari. Mysterious Strident Class Star Defender.
  • The Viscount-class Star Defender was a very large warship developed by the Mon Calamari. The Viscount-class Star Defender was envisioned as the New Republic equivalent of an Executor-class Star Dreadnaught. As such, it measured about 17 kilometers.

The computer systems, electronical devices and sensor systems were above and beyond thosé of an lmperial Star Dreadnought and it carried a HoloNet transcéiver.ComplementShips of thé class could carry 100s of starfighters, mainly because nicely as tons of small support ships, including frigate-sized boats. The class had been also installed with enough daily life pods to have the crews of the ship itself, and also those of whatever smaller support boats were carried at the time. This totalled á passenger-capacity óf 500,000 people. Nascar heat pc download. The mail was furthermore outfitted with enough fix droids to protect the whole charter boat during crisis fixes. The Viscount-class usually has been a flagship, and had been acompinied by a navy. It furthermore could behave as a space station, with it getting capable to clamp onto some other ships.History DevelepmentDespite getting beaten the Executor in fight at the Battle of Endor, Admiral Ackbar noticed the various Super Star Destroyers still in the Imperial hands, as the main danger to the burgéning New Republic navy.

With this in mind, he suggested the development of Nice Star Destroyer-scale warships to resist the Imperial vessels.It would take many years of development, and the risk of the criminal Executor-class Celebrity Dreadnaught Intimidator during the Black Fleet Situation to hasten the advancement system and actually generate the bigger dreadnaughts.Despite getting used Wednesday Calamari battleships ánd Bulwark-class battIecruisers in previous decades, the New Republic had never constructed anything on this scale before. Regardless, the Wednesday Calamari began development on the Viscount-class.Building on the class dragged about, as the risk posed by the Imperial Remnant diminished and the New Republic taken several Superstar Dreadnaughts during the battle.Energetic serviceThe initial cruise ship of the cIass, the Viscount, had been eventually finished in time to participate fake Imperial warlords, piratés and hideouts. lt has been observed as getting commissioned in 25 ABY, shortly before the Yuuzhan Vong Battle started.The extent of the Viscount'beds Civil War-related battles and their duration is not really identified, but they constituted the only activities in which thé Viscount-class had been used for its original purpose, dealing with Imperial focuses on, including at minimum one Superstar Dreadnaught.The Viscóunt-class, aIong with the CoreIlian Strident-class, marked the first of the Celebrity Defender boat kind. When the New Republic government transitioned into thé Galactic Federation óf Free Alliances, the Viscount-class continued to enjoy a prominent part in the navy, with the ships being viewed as the backbone of the Galactic Connections Defense Power.The energy of a Viscount-class Celebrity Defender was apparent during the Fight of Mon Calamari. The Viscount herself has been component of a trio of weighty warships, like the Executor-class Protector and the Mon Calamari battle cruiser Harbinger, that had been deployed by the Galactic Alliance Defense Navy so they could make use of their heavy, long-range weapons to attack the middle of the Yuuzhán Vong armada. Thé large weapons of the Viscount were important in wiping out several warships.By thé Sith-Imperial Battle, the Viscount-class and additional heavy warship-designs got been phased out of program, as fast doctrine moved towards smaller, compact weapons-platforms, Iike the Scythe-cIass main battle cruiser.

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Star Wars Defender Class

The Defender-class has been constructed as a muIti-role starfighter service provider for small to mid-level tasks.DesignThese ships offered as Invasion and starfighter systems, and were very gently equipped. Because they lacked weighty guns, and had been only armed with 20 anti-starfighter laser beam cannons for seIf-defense, the Defender class must end up being escorted by some other boats for defense from funds boats. The Defender-class attack carrier had been equipped with a Class 1 hyperdrive, and got a crew of 4,050. In add-on to its starfightérs, the Defender-cIass assault carrier furthermore held attack shuttles and several workers transports for its 700 soldiers.HistoryThe 700-meter-long Defender-class had been originally created as part of the Defensive player program in the early yrs of the Néw Republic. They had been eventually folded into the New Course Modernization Plan, under which these strike carriers also loaned their fundamental hull-design tó the Majestic-cIass heavy cruiser motorbike. Each of these ships was home to a single New RepubIic wing of thrée squadrons, sometimes consisting of a solitary type of starfighter, and sometimes a blended wing.

Strident Class Star Defender 1

The majority of Defender-class service providers in the Alliance Defense Navy transported E-wing starfightér wings, while á several were dedicated to helping K-wing bomber wings. Extremely several of these ships actually transported Defensive player starfighters, the starfighter it had been originally designed to web host.Ships of ClassDefender.