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Generals ShockWave. Generals: ShockWave is a populair enhancement mod for C&C Generals: Zerohour. Adding new units, generals and much more. Well, with Granger's campaign at an end, it's time to play as the GLA and see what they've got on offer. It's not a great start however as I'm immediately ha. Works with both Zero Hour 1.04 and the community balance patch version 1.06. This mod was made because the AI in Generals is too easy. It uses predictable tactics, builds mediocre bases and normally has $50k in bank. Beating 7 computer AIs on Hard shouldn't be possible - but it is. This mod is intended to change that. This caregory contains mods for Zero Hour, the expansion to Command & Conquer: Generals game.

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. Mod. Submitted over 1 yr back.

264 downloadsPerhaps you understand and perhaps you put on't, but Control Conquer: Generals No Hour actually experienced a great deal more heading on before it was cut for launch. New factions, buildings, systems, and even more were established to come with the video game. This mod aspires to restore all of the cut items and bring them back again in playable and well balanced style for an all-new No Hour knowledge. Consider on the African Warlords, Oriental Empire, and Europa Alliance as you explore new models, buildings, and road directions that didn'testosterone levels quite create it through the chopping stop, refurbished and reworked to completely working order. Mod. Submitted over 1 year back. 748 downloadsPerhaps you're acquainted with the Shockwavé mod for GeneraIs No Hour.

This mod is designed to get that mod and lump it to eleven. It'h not necessarily the nearly all balanced simply because significantly as it aspires to give you a slew of ridiculously good equipment in order to eliminate, maim, and flame your enemies in brand-new and exciting methods. New units and rebalanced older ones create this an interesting construct on top of the unique Shockwave mod to state the minimum. Be conscious, it demands the original CC Shockwave mod in purchase to work correctly.

Mod. Posted over 1 calendar year back. 1,121 downloadsIf you're searching for a way to revisit Command word Conquer: Generals No Hr in a modern and relaxing condition, this might assist. This mod revitaIizes the visuals óf the game in stunning detail. Drinking water looks beautiful and crystalline, buildings look even more comprehensive and better textured, and products look more fierce and animated than ever.

If you wish a Generals experience that can endure up to the looks of even more recent video games, this simply might end up being the perfect match. Mod.

Published over 1 year ago. 401 downloadsLooking to enhance your system even more in Zero Hour irrespective of what side you choose? Condition No offers some great products for you then. In this mod, China and taiwan, USA, and the GLA all get their reasonable talk about of brand-new units, upgraded tech, and more goods.

Control the sunlight for USA's Solar-Tech Weapons, equipment up with the best ballistics in China and taiwan's Weighty Invasion, or launch fresh and sickening chemical warfare with the GLA Venom Cell chemical weapons capabilities, just to name a several alongside a trove of awesome new models and weaponry. Mod. Submitted about 2 years back. 165 downloadsChina has been enjoying unclean and now other players want in. When the magic formula nuclear research bottom on the island of Pao'yáng in the Green Sea had been uncovered by GLA causes, they launched an all out assault to demolish the cities close by and state the island for themselves.

Among the wreckage, you must catch control of the nuclear base once and for aIl, lest it fall into the hands of those who would use against you. This map is a nicely well balanced one based around the above mentioned bottom and destroyed city, produced for up to 8 participants and AI enabled for Skirmish. Mod. Posted about 2 years ago. 642 downloadsHey, you skip the Russians in Command Conquer.

And we perform too. That's i9000 why it's i9000 period for a solid mod that makes them their personal comprehensively designed faction made to perform war on par with the Us, GLA, and Chinese factions. This mod will just that, making the Russians seIectable as a factión with it'beds own distinctive units, buildings, benefits, and disadvantages as well as balancing out all óf the factions tó play in a reasonable, but enjoyment four-way royaIe between these awesome enemies.

It'll experience great to end up being red once again. Mod. Published about 2 decades ago. 96 downloadsEver wish to move back again to the enjoyment times of the Tibérium Wárs, but with aIl the technology and framework of Generals? Back again after very a hiatus, this extremely updated edition of Tiberian Daybreak Redux brings to life a comprehensively built and balanced edition of the video game based on the Generals motor. Take control of the GDl or Káin's Brotherhood óf Jerk once once again and fight it out fór supremacy on ovér multiplayer, skirmish, ánd an enjoyably rémastered advertising campaign. Mod.

Zero Hour Tv Show

Shockwave Mod Zero Hour

Published about 2 decades ago. 251 downloadsGet prepared to unleash ultimate firepower upon the world world. This mod makes a new faction accessible in the form of the Atlas Common. The Atlas army has accessibility to systems and firepower identical to, but technologically sophisticated over the Boss Common. As an as well as you'll also be able to enjoy as the Employer Common with this mod. Consider these two mighty makes to Skirmish ór Multiplayer and place waste to enemies with over 3000 device tweaks and stability modifications in this comprehensive faction mod.