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I just purchase Seagate HDD on 12 May 2012, and perform checking using HD turn pro without any problem and work fine, after a few week, I download SeaTools from Seagate web site and check it, and find Self Test Fail, after test HDD using Long Generic, which take a long time and hang in the middle of the process, so I get no choice but restart. Seagate Seatools works pretty well even with drives not from the maker - don't let the name fool you:p It's one of the best tools in my opinion, and if it returns a fail on Short Generic. Seagate SeaTools is a free hard disc drive (HDD) diagnostic tool from none other than the storage giant Seagate. This tool lets you perform a series of tests including some advanced ones to check the heath status of your Seagate hard disc drive. The tool lets you perform following tests: # SMART Check.

I have a 1 TB Western Digital external hard travel connected up to my computer via USB.I have got been slightly concerned about the probability of it heading away, as I've acquired it for three yrs today and it seems to become obtaining a little bit noisier and slower to start up recently (although that could become my creativity). So I down loaded SeaTools for Windows and ran two assessments.

The initial one (Short Drive Personal Test) approved. The 2nd (Long Generic) reported (in its phrases) 'Longer Common - FAIL'.I then downloaded and ran HDDScán, which can evidently discover out the Beds.M.A new.R.Capital t. Data of a hard drive, and obtained the subsequent outcomes:I possess no concept how to interpret these outcomes (except that the green dots apparently indicate achievement), so I wear't understand for particular if the get passed or been unsuccessful.My questions are these:1.

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Does the H.M.A new.R.Capital t. Data indicate that the travel is functioning correctly?2. Even if the H.M.A new.R.Testosterone levels. Data does indeed reveal that the get is functioning properly, should the failing of the Long Common SeaTools test be regarded as evidence that there can be a issue after all that S i9000.M.A new.R.T.

Simply neglected to identify?3. If there is definitely likely to become a issue, is presently there a way to determine what it is definitely and whether it is definitely most most likely a fixable oné or one thát would need replacing of the get?

SMART blood pressure measurements are not really extremely intuitive (okay, totally confusing) if you haven't observed them just before.The 'Value' line displays the maximum possible rank; some of these are usually rated 200 to 0, some are 139 to 0, and so on, where 200 is the greatest possible rank and 0 is usually the most severe possible position. It't backwards to what we would usually believe of a rank system, where #1 is definitely the champion, #2 came in second place, and so forth. Right here, 200 is usually the winner, 199 came in second place, and so on. The position doesn'testosterone levels stand for the actual worth, any even more than it would to say the person who came in very first place gained 20 points by completing the race in 3 moments 38 mere seconds, the individual who came in 2nd won 7 factors by finishing the competition in 5 moments 2 secs, and so on; they would still be rated 1 and 2, and there's no way for you to understand what the actual value will be from the position. Therefore for an feature that provides a 'Worth' of 200, that means 200 is the greatest, 199 is usually the following greatest, and you have no idea how much it will take to proceed from 200 to 199.The 'Worst' column is definitely the commute's present rating on that attribute's position. Right here, except for the temperatures and Spin Up Period, all of the 'Most severe' values are equivalent to the 'Value' beliefs, meaning none of them possess fallen from the best possible position.The 'Tolerance' column is usually the rating in the positioning system that would show the get is probably faltering.

Seagate drive errors

If the 'Tolerance' value is usually 000, that indicates there is definitely no threshold, the positioning system is usually unimportant and the Natural column has information; for example, for a HDD there will be no maximum amount of Power-On Hrs Count, you simply want to know how numerous hours the HDD offers been operate so it doesn't need a rank.The 'Raw' worth may or may not really become the real worth of the feature. Different producers of hard drives come back different issues in this line.

Some of them come back the number in decimal, this get reports most of the numbers in hexidecimal, and some unfavorable pushes might even report quantities that had been encrypted or something (luckily that's not really common). It't simple to notice that zero can be 0 in both decimal and hexidecimal so you can discover why most of the ideals are all passing.The temperature is clearly tagged as not getting hex by reading 27 M (and you obtain a hint about the rank program because on a range of 120 to 0, 27 M rates 97). The Power-On Hrs Count raw value here is certainly 59EDeb, but most people can't transIate hex in óur minds so you make use of a to discover out that 59EM = 23021 hours. Spinup time has eliminated down in position from 185 to 176, but the threshold is usually 21 so it would have to proceed down maybe a lot further to be considered faltering; the natural hex value 1A45 converts to 6725 in decimal, but your figure is good as mine abóut what that means in conditions of spin-up time (0.6725 mere seconds? 6.725 milliseconds? I dunno.)The actually important features are usually Reallocation Sector Count number (which indicates a sector could not really be created to and was runs as poor but information wasn't dropped because it had been a write attempt) and Uncorrectable Mistakes Count number (really bad information, a sector of information was lost because it couldn't end up being learn).

Most of the others are self-explanatory enough. These raw values are usually zero, so SMART isn't seeing whatever errors that SeaTools documented, which is odd; I would anticipate Reallocation Field Count number to end up being not really zero if another electricity reported an error.SMART can be not perfect. A lot of individuals see drives reporting ideal SMART ratings while the commute is pounding on the desk like a jackhammer. I'meters no specialist on whether SeaTools reports are generally precise but since the get is three years aged, I would simply retire it. The ten hr test can be, among additional things, going to attempt to write to and examine each sector, perhaps multiple instances. After the check, whether it reports success or failing, appearance at the SMART values once again and notice if Reallocated Industry Count (RSC) offers gone up from zero. When RSC starts to develop, that indicates a surface area failure is certainly distributing which will be obviously extremely poor.When you get a brand-new travel, the really first point you do - even before you fórmat or partitión it - will be check out the Wise beliefs and make a particular be aware of the RSC worth.

Most runs probably have got at minimum some surface area imperfections when they are usually produced; some manufacturers will arranged the RSC worth to zero as it results in the factory, while others may not really and now there may end up being a small number. Some customers will RMA the push if it comes from the stock with ány RSC at aIl, others wiIl RMA if it provides more than 10, others put on't care so long ás it isn't increasing.After making records of the stock SMART values, format the travel. That will get many hours and will learn and create to every industry.

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When the structure is carried out, check the SMART value once again and see if RSC offers elevated. If it has, RMA it. lf it hásn't, it's possibly good. SeaTools for Home windows v1.2.0.10 - 12:34:08 AMUnit Serial: WCAV5Testosterone levels361454Unit Design: WD Ext HDD 1021Firmware Revising: 01.00A01Short DST - Began 12:34:08 AMShort DST - Pass 12:36:12 AMLong Universal - Began 12:37:33 AMLong Generic Aborted 12:45:01 AMLong Common - Started 12:45:11 AMBad LBA: Not really RepairedBad LBA: Not RepairedBad LBA: Not RepairedBad LBA: Not RepairedBad LBA: Not Repaired.

Sorry about that, what other info should I provide?The laptop computer is Dell Business 15, 3GM RAM. If the get neglected the lab tests using the equipment from the machine - then yeah its time for a brand-new drive!! And you made sure the link was great, it appears clear its heading.Prices possess not doubled or anything - for those size memory sticks you should nevertheless be capable to find a good cost! I put on't even think they still create those small drives;)You could usually appear to SSD as properly - I don't believe those costs have gone up?Most any laptop computer/2.5' travel should work - I have never operate into an problem with the travel fitting.As to an image - there are usually plenty of choices for software, and yes depending on windows flavor the constructed in things should work as well. Or can generally get imageX from the AIK (automated installation package) and make use of that. Or sure acronis will function - shoot most makers have free of charge version of acronis you can grab from their web site for moving information to a new storage.

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I are like 99.9% sure seagate and wdc both offer those FREE tools for copy cd disk to fresh disk.