No Faction Armor New Vegas

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Feel I misunderstanding hów faction armor works? It'beds my understanding that while you are usually wearing faction armor, NCR for example and strike another faction, Légion, in this case, I would not obtain infamy.To check that, I put on some NCR armor and fought against some arbitrary Legionares. After a few of them proceeded to go down, my faction associate flipped to hated. I figured that waiting a little even though and eliminating the armor would result in me to not become villified.

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No Faction Armor New Vegas

Aug 22, 2014  I want to constantly wear thearmor of my desired faction in New Vegas. How to install codex games. However I don't because it will reset my status to all other factions. Is there a way to wear say NCR armor without disguising yourself? Currently I wear the Marked Man armor as it is very close to the regular NCR armor. Faction armor revamped mod - posted in New Vegas Mod Requests: This is the issue I have with the faction armor in this game: they are seen solely as disguises instead of clothing. A legionnaire dressing as an NCR is disguising himself. An NCR dressing as an NCR is not. The game doesnt tell the difference by itself.

Nevertheless, I'meters still resented.When perform I obtain reputation changes while wearing faction armor? I do possess Boone with me, do companions have an effect on rep benefits as nicely?

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Fallout New Vegas Faction Armor

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First principle of shooting stuff while staying away from faction reduction: If you're not really crouching, the faction will know that you were the 1 who shot their troops. It's not obvious whether you do this, so I'll just toss that in.Factión armor cannot become utilized to carry out activities as if yóu belonged to thát faction; it wiIl just influence how factions respond to your existence. State that you had been to put on Any-Faction Armor, and then walk up to a regular Any-Faction Gift. They wouldn'testosterone levels capture your bluff, but if you were to take them (while not really crouching), they would understand that you do not belong to thé Any-Faction, ánd therefore mark down your standing with thé Any-Factión.As for companions, I generally prevent them as they have got a tendency to proceed guns blazing when you initiate a fight, thus reducing your chances of successfully staying away from faction-standing charges.