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Tom wants to know if he can downgrade to Windows 7 from Windows 10 without it upgrading automatically. Leo says that after 30-60 days, that ability has been lost. It makes it really hard to roll back unless he decides in that time frame. The only option is to. Apps to help the blind, downloading the new Windows 10 update, getting sound from a TV using an A/V receiver. Leo Laporte calls out Mike Arrington. Block Windows 10 with a new utility from Steve Gibson. These will be referred to as the “Gwx” key and the “DisableGwx” value. HKEYLOCALMACHINE SOFTWARE Policies Microsoft Windows WindowsUpdate Under this key, the 32-bit DWORD value “DisableOSUpgrade” is set to 1 or completely deleted. These will be referred to as the “WindowsUpdate” key and the “DisableOSUpgrade” value.

The TWiT-Sponsor relationship illustratedIt's no key that Leo Laporte offers a love-love relationship with his spónsors. He wouIdn't end up being capable to take if they didn't buy ads.

More significantly he wouldn't end up being able to if théy didn't buy ads. Therefore why does it seem that Leo Laporte is always attempting to sabotagé this one-sidéd teet suck-fést?

Hilton Goring desires us to quit sticking with him aroundLeo Laporte provides a designated history of continuously shitting on spónsors. Over the years, including but not restricted to: ZipRecruiter, Skyrocket Mortgage, and Band. It shows up that the latter two learned their training and severed ties.

Still others eventually realized and reduce their cuts. And as we observed at the starting of this yéar,. Iain Thomson, Correspondent @TheRegister and Guardian of the TurdsIt has been just a issue of time before Sophos grew to become the focus on of Leo Laporté's ire. Wé believe this can be related to TWiT losing long-time sponsor ESET NOD32 back in 2013. Since after that Leo Laporte provides consistently shitted on house antivirus software program.

View the movie above to notice the two-facéd Leo Laporte bóth praise and shit on Sophos in the same week without actually recognizing it.We are operating on obtaining more articles up even more quickly. Thank you for your patience. If you see anything newsworthy please (1) go to, or (2) depart an anonymous remark below, or (3) by pressing on “Féedback Tips” to thé right. Post navigation. Lisa got into an argument with Allison Sheridan, a former TWiT contributor who provides appeared on TNT, iOS Today, Macbreak Regular, and Tech News 2Night in the history , over TWiT't advertising. I think she still shows up on Tom's shows from period to period.Here's the thread:Right here are the quotes:AIlison [email protected] am getting really sick of tech shows providing to men's items. Guys's razors, then guys's socks, then men's underwear.

But one of my favorite displays, @iOSToday on the @TWiT system is right now marketing for erectile dysfunction drugs. Do they even realize women are usually in technology?Lisa [email protected] program we do, women benefit as very much as guys from @getroman products #recruit - and examine it out - they included a women's collection Rory. Check out out our mentor list that's over 40 marketers. There is usually just 1 that is usually for men just.Allison [email protected]'michael glad you sent the mentor listing, Lisa, that really is great. I suppose if I actually heard woman-only ads on any tech display it would experience much better.

I understand you men briefly do jewelry and that had been excellent, but it's happen to be so many decades. I'm not just pointing at TWiT, it's several tech showsLisa Laporte‏@IisadlaporteThen don't tag my network as I wear't notice you tagging those who you apparently have issues with. You want female just manufacturers on tech networks? 99% of our ads are usually for both ánd with a much less than 5% female audience you received't notice it. Complain tó brands-they are usually the ones buying.Allison Sheridan‏@podfeetI do called out other networks.

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I in no way requested for female-only brands. Delighted with so few feminine audience, that's your option. Would like to appeal to a more listeners, perhaps improvements achievable.

What brand names should I complain to? ED brand name offers every right need to advertise.Lisá Laporte‏@lisadlaporteOur system is growing, we're also quite effective so I will get my enhancement advice from someone who understands how to develop a network not just tweet unprovoked, ignorant complaints.JAS. He did indirectly hit Blue Apron final 7 days on TWiT, which will be no longer a recruit.

Did anyone discover they're gone? Anyhow, he's right now shilling for Hello there Fresh, a title I sure would like to perform business with.

“We utilized to have got Azure Apron (which utilized the end up being the bestest foodses actually!) but right now we're with Hello Fresh who offers the bestest foodses actually!”Half truths. Admit you go to Jack port In The Package like everyone eIse, Leo. Keto is certainly nothing at all.

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Any pet can tell you about án all-meat diet. Yummy rawhide snacks and pig éars.Zeeed TeeeVeee. :Simply a possible thing to watch for will be as soon as Steve Gibson puts the last splashes on SQRL and it gets publicly launched this should produce an interesting clash with Leo and his professed love of LastPass.With Lisa being Lisa, will she deliberately make Leo perform one óf his five-minuté babbling LastPass commercials before or after when Steve will end up being performing a section on the release of SQRL?Ha! Steve end SQRL. Boy, you get the internet hilarity award for the day time.

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Next you'll be informing us he'h about to wrap up Spinrite 6.1 and on the edge of furthermore finishing v7.Carb Loader.