How To Install Windows 10 On A Tablet

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How To Install Windows 10 On Any Tablet

This wikihow teaches you how to run Windows 8 on an Android tablet. While you can't replace the Android operating system with Windows 8 or install Windows 8 directly onto your Android, an emulator app called Limbo will allow you to run a version of Windows 8. Do not Install Windows 10 on Surface 3 Tablets! Warning: Microsoft recently said that you should not Install Windows 10 on Surface 3 Tablets in their Community Forum. Of course, they’re referring to the current Technical Preview version of Windows 10 (Build 10074).

Clean your operating system first!! It is very important to delete all garbage and errors before doing anything.2. With system cleaned and errors fixed, select sound icon from right bottom corner, then select Speakers.a. Gears of war sound.