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Creepy radio A Sound Mod for Half-Life 2. Members see zero ads. Membership is 100% free. HTML audio not supported I was dissatisfied with the creepy radio sounds available, so I decided to make my own by using the creepy sounds from the beta. Who has ever heard the creepy radio sound the the demolished City 17? Well you haven't heard the whole sound effect. Half-Life 2 General Discussions Topic Details. Aug 17, 2016 @ 12:32pm What is the creepy radio sound, and what's it's meaning? Who has ever heard the creepy radio sound the the demolished City 17? A page for describing NightmareFuel: Half-Life. Valve Software's attempt at an. Nightmare Fuel / Half-Life. Without saving at all.

Video video game Easter eggs can become a fun method to encourage participants to continue exploring a game they've finished. Or they can end up being terrifying experiences that create certain the players never go near that game once again. We've informed you about those; right here are usually some more that we wish had stayed undiscovered.Video clip games are insanely hard to make, but usually that things pays off with somé. Hell, some óf our are usually the outcome of game designers putting in a level of work that would drive a regular human being insane.And that'beds somewhat the issue because, as this Damaged Classic exhibits, some video game designers are usually normal humans, and they do go insane.

And not really, either - we're also talking Dexter meets Buffalo Bill meets whatever-American-ldol-Host-lt's-Cool-tó-Make-Fun-óf-Now. The type of insane you can tremble a stay at, but if you do that, it'll bite that stay right out of your hands and make use of it to make a creepy doll to suspend from trees. Um, spoiIers?But the créepiest matter of all isn'testosterone levels even in the game. Not officially, anyway. Players who chose to search through Website 2's sound files found recorded ranges of discussion that aren'testosterone levels in the video game - even more specifically, If you've performed the entire game you can guess that's really (spoilers ahead) Caroline protesting her alteration into GLaDOS, but it nevertheless sounds kinda rape-y if you put on't understand the context.

That is the wheel our queen wanted to break. From now on rulers will not be born, they will be chosen on this spot by the lords and ladies of Westeros to serve the realm.' 'His will never torment us. King of thrones game.

Half Life Ost Closing Theme

In truth, J.K. Simmons, who provides the voice for Caroline's employer, because it had been so disturbing.

The programmers actually decided and decreased it from the final sport.Getty. They're not just component of the scenery, though - you can't destroy them, but if you shoot them they in fact bleed (just real people do that). Take note that they all appear exactly the same just in various sizes, which indicates that they might become the product of genetic trials or extreme inbreeding. For all we understand, the monkeys might keep reducing in dimension right down to a subatomic level.And they're not really the only types: A single Monkey Man can become discovered in (it'beds actually outside the game chart and you can only get presently there by killing yourself and réspawning in the correct location). This one'beds concealing behind some bushes. Why the others have got selected to ostracize him remains unsure.

That unusual glow suggests that there might become something supernatural about this. Also, the fact that it's a giant beating coronary heart. Why is that there? What will it do? Can you destroy it? If you think no GTA player has ever tried that, you've most likely never fulfilled one.

Zero, you can't destroy it (not also with the skyrocket launcher, which will destroy one of thé pigeons on thé outdoors of the statue), and nobody knows why it is present.Speaking of which, there's i9000 also no description for the in the same video game. 'Huge deal,' you might state. 'It'beds a stroller. Request yourself this: How numerous children possess you seen in the Grand Theft Car video games? Why would there be a stroller, discontinued by the ocean, no less, in a planet without children, if not to nut you the f.k out?

Hitman: Teaching our kids crucial training.The ghost provides no relation to the plot whatsoever. It's not an achievement or anything Iike that, and yóu can finish the entire game and nevertheless obtain the highest rating while becoming blissfully ignorant of its presence. The bloody hotel area itself is definitely also kinda creepy: that's i9000 not the almost all grisly murder scene you'll see in Hitman, but the difference is that in every additional situation, you often know the precise reason behind the disaster.Oh, and remember how we stated that you can't kill a ghost? Apparently in this video game That's most likely a glitch, but still. 'Today this sport is prepared for kids.'

Accompanied by the expression 'WHO ARE YOU Operating FROM?' And.Also if you managed to steer obvious of the Run choice, though, you were still under permanent risk of being randomly put through to mysterious pictures like that if you happened to arrive across a program error (like if the game couldn't find the computer printer or something). So, while playing with the Video game Guy Camera you continually acquired to end up being extra careful if yóu didn't wánna operate into something like this:Here's, and there had been that were only existing in the Western version, which is definitely type of confusing, because it means that somebody at Nintendo actually sitting there and said 'Zero, no, the United states market will by no means go for these encounters, let's obtain different ones.' 'Down the road had been my retirement party.' And, you know, probably those types of Easter eggs are a little easy to understand, getting in extreme, mature video games like they are. Unlike the next one.

In the video game Jam Sessions for the Ninténdo DS, of aIl factors, you can allow the A6 acoustic guitar chord to ring out and, if you put on't enjoy any some other notes later, it performs a whispered information that sounds a hell of a great deal like '.' What's that carrying out there?

Based to one of the video game's designers, it's actually a bit of the recording artist caught on recording saying ',' which is definitely Western for 'next,' which is creepy more than enough in and óf itself, if yóu believe of it in a 'you're also next' kinda method. On best of that, if you proceed just outside the castIe into Lordaeron's courtyard and make use of the 'detect invisibility' mean, you can actually.They appear like azure farts, generally.These could just be arbitrary video video game ghosts, but they're not: There'h a entire back story here. Those ghostly sounds we just showed you actually arrive from the ánd cinematics of thé individual marketing campaign in Warcraft lII. The throne is supposed to be to an old character known as King Menethil, and Lordaéron itself, before turning into damages, was a primary environment in Warcraft lI and III. lt becomes out that the ghostly whispers are actually replaying the failure that doomed the city. The whispers abóut the tides óf darkness and all that?

That'h Ruler Menethil becoming cautioned that his boy, Prince Arthas (also from the Warcraft video games), can be gonna n.k éverything up for éveryone. The sleep of it is definitely Arthas later returning house after getting had by something known as the Lich Ruler and stabbing the t.testosterone levels out of his own father. After that, thé undead kinda arrived in and arranged up store underneath the empty city and slain off all the staying humans that had been still generally there and in the encircling area, therefore all the spirits and s.t. Therefore if you're wondering who to blame for your sleepless nights and Cheetos-stained fingertips, today you know.lifestyles in Chile and wants to waste his time. Ashe recently published a brief story for a charity publication that you can purchase. For more of his stuff, check away and.For even more Easter egg hunting, check out out and.And stop by to assist obtain over the Mondays.And don't overlook to stick to us on and to get sexy, attractive jokes delivered straight to your information feed.Do you have an concept in mind that would create a excellent article?

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Items OverviewThe limited-édition Half-Life 2 'Platinum' deal incorporated, among various other exclusive extras, a CD soundtrack. Although the Compact disc contained several exclusive trails, it do not consist of all of the songs utilized in the sport.In-game, energetic techno tracks are likely to back significant battles, atmospheric synthesizer parts enhance key storyline and seek moments and strengthen feelings of journey, isolation, or despair in the participant.In Sept 2014, to enjoy the launch of 'h Music Participant, re-released thé Soundtrack for HaIf-Life 2 and its Attacks as free DLC available to those who own personal the video games. Track checklist #TitleLengthLocation performed1Hazardous Conditions01:24: when puts on the.2CG Violation01:45: as Gordon avoids being hit by the.3The Innsbruck Experiment01:07Route Kanal: when first fighting Metrocops wielding.: when battles with.4Brane Scan01:40Anticitizen One: during the fight in the pIaza.5Dark Energy01:32: when Gordon leaves in the.: during the 1st half of the credit.6Requiem for Ravenholm00:33: when bids goodbye.7Pulse Phase01:09: during the battle outside the.Dark Energy: when Gordon déscends in the eIevator to face.8Ravenholm Reprise00:52'We Wear't Proceed To Ravenholm.' : when Gordon gets into.9Probably Not A Problem01:26Route Kanal: during the to.10Calabi-Yau Magic size01:46: when Gordon enters the.' Adhere to Freeman!'

: in the building encircled by.11Sreduced Gentle00:44Highway 17: after Gordon beats the in.12Apprehension and Evasion02:17'A Crimson Letter Day': after Gordon uses the for the 1st period.Sandtraps: during Gordon's i9000 raid to thé bunkers on.13Hunter Straight down00:15'Follow Freeman!' : after Gordon eliminates the last Strider before proceeding to the equine.14Or Resurrected Teleport01:11'A Crimson Letter Day time': when Gordon gets into the area in 's i9000 lab.15Miscount Recognized00:48Exclusive to the Soundtrack launch.16Headhumper00:08Exclusive to the Soundtrack release.17Triage At Dawn00:45'We Put on't Go To Ravenholm.'

: when the fight in the garage area is more than.18Combine Harvester01:25Exclusive to the Soundtrack discharge.19Lab Practicum02:54Highway 17: when Gordon passes under.: when Górdon and teleport back again to.20Nova Prospekt01:57: as Gordon gets into the.21Broken Symmetry01:03Route Kanal: after Gordon results in the sewers.22LGary the gadget guy Orbifold02:52'Follow Freeman!' : after Gordon will be advised to proceed to the equine.23Kaon01:11'Follow Freeman!' : when Gordon battles the on thé.24You're also Not Intended to Become Here02:41Water Hazard: after receiving the installed gun for the.25Suppression Field00:55Anticitizen One: as Gordon discovers his 1st in the recreation space.26Hard Fought01:15Anticitizen One: during fights with, while assaulting a barricade and the subterranean shoot-out while waiting for a gap to become blown open up by a cool dude.27Ppost Ghost01:40'We Wear't Go To Ravenholm.'