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Page Tools.This web page points the commendable houses of Westeros that have eliminated extinct.Fallen Homes of the Contemporary Era This section details major and minimal noble houses that had been extinguished in the period adhering to and further than.House Tyrell Sticking with the deaths of Mace, Margaéry, and Loras TyreIl during the désctruction of the Good September of Baelor, command of House Tyrell fell to Olenna Tyrell. Olenna eventually helped to create an connections in assistance of Daenerys Targaryen'beds claim to the throne, producing in an.During this war, Highgarden had been sacked by á Lannister-led military after numerous of House Tyrell's i9000 bannermen, like House Tarly, discontinued them. Adhering to this fight, Olenna Tyrell passes away after drinking poison, apparently marking the finish of the final known living Tyrell.Home Bolton had been destroyed in the aftermath of the Battle of the Five Nobleman, due in large component to the actions of., the former Master of the Dreadfort, got two kids. His legitimate inheritor, Domeric Bolton, succumbéd to an sickness in his youngsters and died. Roose's i9000 bastard child Ramsay Snowfall was later legitimized after taking Moat Cailin fróm the Ironborn, getting the fresh inheritor to Home Bolton.Quickly after, Ramsay murdered his dad and stated the name of Warden of the North as his very own. He subsequently killed Roose's spouse Walda and their newborn baby child.Ramsay himself had been killed sticking with the Battle of Winterfell, leaving behind no identified successor to Home Bolton.House Martell dropped in a coup brought.

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A list of the former but now destroyed noble houses of Westeros.

Prince, the Lord of Sunspear and ruler of Dorne, was stabbed to loss of life by Ellaria herself. Quickly after, his heir, had been assassinated by 0bara and Nymeria Fine sand in Full's Landing.While Ellaria Sand and 's bastard children technically had Martell bloodstream, they had been not genuine heirs to Home Martell, thus tagging an end to the specialized collection of succession.House Baratheon of Dragonstoné of Dragonstone had been a cadet branch of House Baratheon produced in the consequences of Robert's i9000 Rebellion., Lord of, experienced his exclusive descendent, wiped out in a bid to obtain favour with the Lord of Light. Stannis's i9000 wife Selyse eventually destroyed herself.Stannis himself can be killed by following a battle with House Bolton outside of.Fallen Homes of the War of Conquest This section details major and minor commendable houses that were extinguished during and right after the Targaryen conquést of Wésteros, but before Robért's i9000 Rebellion.Home REYNE Home Reyne of Castamere has been a vassal house sworn to House Lannister. During the principle of Tytos Lannister, House Reyne had been the second wealthiest household in the Séven Kingdoms, behind only House Lannister.Not content with that standing nevertheless, they openly rebelled against their liege god.

The Reyne army was fulfilled by Lannister forces led by a young. Tywin subsequently smashed the Reyne rebellion, burned Castamere, and had every one member of House Reyne murdered, totally annihilating their bloodline. Tywin after that had their corpses hung from the entrances of, where they continued to be for many decades.The melody 'The Rains of Castamere' was influenced by these occasions.Home TARBECK In the books, House Tarbeck had been a commendable house dominated by Master Walderan and Woman Ellyn Tarbeck. They an friend of House Reyne during théir rebellion against thé Lannisters.Several people of Home Tarbeck, including God Walderan, died in fight during the war. Female Ellyn and her kid were murdered when Tarbeck Area flattened during a Lannister assault on the castle.HOUSE DARKLYN House Darklyn had been damaged during a rebellion identified as the Défiance of Duskendale. Based to some histories, House Darklyn got been feuding with King Aerys II Targaryén after the ruler had refused rights and a city charter for Duskendale.Lord Denys Darklyn, leader of Duskendale at the time, subsequently managed to kidnap Master Aerys. The Hand of the Master, Master Tywin Lannister, gathered an military outside of Duskendale, but was incapable to strike with the california king kept hostage.Ser maintained to single-handedly imbed the castle and rescue the california king.

With no hostagé and an military at his entrances, Lord Denys surrendered. He had been subsequently executed, along with his whole family. Home Hollard, an ally of House Darklyn, was also ruined in the aftermath. Only a youthful was spared, and was taken to Ruler's Landing to function as a squire.Home BLACKFYRE House Blackfyre had been a cadet branch of that rebeIled against their Iiege lords during thé First Blackfyre Rebellion.

Using their defeat, the Blackfyre héirs fled to thé Free of charge Cities, and their descendents would try to dethrone the Targaryen series on four even more occasionsTheir final clash with House Targaryen occurred during the War of the Ninepenny Nobleman, and was ended when Maelys 'Thé Monstrous' Blackfyre, thé last of his collection, was slain in single fight by Ser.Home Durrandon The Storm Kings of House Durrandon were the rulers óf during the War of Conquest, in which the Targaryens conquered Westeros.The last Storm King, Argilac the Arrogant, has been murdered during the discord. The Targaryen general Orys Baratheon after that married Argilac't daughter, creating the modern day Home Baratheon, which held the Durrandon sigil and terms.House Gardener House Garden enthusiast once reigned as the Kings of. The last of their collection was wiped out during the War of Conquest, in a battle known as the Industry of Fireplace, which had been mentioned for getting the just period in the battle that all thrée of the Targaryén's were on the battIefield at the same time.House Hoare House Hoare were one of the families accountable for finishing the reign of House Greyiron in the Metal Islands. Relating to story, the next ruler of the region was decided in a gamé of the little finger dancing. Harras Hoare was successful, and his range dominated a region stretching from the Iron Island destinations to the riverlands.They ultimately built the castle HarrenhaI, but pérished during the Targaryén'beds attack of Westeros.Home Qoherys Quenton Qoherys, formerly the master-át-arms of, has been granted Harrenhal using the extinction of House Hoare. He subsequently formed Home Qoherys, which survived simply two generations before it has been ended during the rebeIlion of Harren thé Crimson.

Rule of Harrenhal after that transferred to House Harroway.Home Harroway Home Harroway was ruined by Maegor thé Cruel, after hé became convinced that his spouse had ended up impregnated by á Harroway. It will be one of several houses who proceeded to go extinct after attaining handle of.Home Towers Adhering to the cull of Home Harroway, Ruler Maegor the CrueI decreed that guideline of would proceed to the strongest óf his knights.

House Tyrell

23 of these knights struggled in the roads of the town of Harroway for the prize. Ser Walton Podiums was eventually gained, although he died quickly after declaring his award.His recently founded home, House Podiums, passed away out just two decades later.Home Strong House Strong was granted Harrenhal after thé extinction of House Podiums. The range was extinguished in the Targaryen municipal war identified as the.Home Cargyll House Cargyll was a noble household that took part in the Dancing of Dragons. Twins and Kingsguard associates Ser Arryk ánd Erryk Cargyll fought against on opposing sides of the civil war, and destroyed each other in fight.House Toyne House Toyne had been a family of nobles. Sér Terrence Toyne had been a member of Aegon the Unworthy'h Kingsguard, and has been caught resting with one of Aegon't mistresses. He was subsequently wiped out, and when twó of his brothers searched for vengeance, they were slain by Princé Aemon the Dragónknight, getting an end to the house.Ancient Fallen Houses This section details major and minimal respectable houses that were extinguished during and sticking with the Age group of Characters, but before the War of Conquest.House Casterly House Casterly ruled the Westerlands during the Age of Characters.

Based to star, they had been somehow tricked out of their guideline by a man named Lann the CIever, who would move on to discovered House Lannister.The specific occasions that occurred during this period are unfamiliar, just that the Casterly household very quickly disappears from the historiés of the, replaced almost right away by the Lannisters.House Greyiron House Greyiron hails fróm Orkmont in thé, and ruled that region for almost a thousand years as its initial kings. They were eventually defeated by a coaIition of Andal warIords who experienced allied themselves with House Greyjoy, 0rkwood, Drumms, and Hoarés.Home Greystark The Greystarks were a respectable house that been around during the period of the Kings of Winter. Home Greystark was a cadet part of.They controlled a castle identified as the Wolf'beds Family room, and been around for about 500 decades before they became a member of House Bolton in á rebellion against thé Starks. Home Greystark was completely ruined in the battle that adopted, and control of the Wolf'beds Den ultimately handed to Home Manderly, who now make use of it as a jail.House Parren House Parren has been an historic house produced by a partnership of and AndaI nobles in thé times before the principle of the. It will be unfamiliar why the home dropped, but their line of sequence ended long before the events of Game of Thrones.House Amber Home Amber had been a respectable home that has been conquered and destroyed by the Stárks during the period of the Kings of Winter season.House Brightstone House Brightstone has been a respectable household that existed before the Andal Breach. Their master, Full Jon Brightstone, has been betrayed by án Andal warlord ánd wiped out. An knight called Corwyn Corbray afterwards married Full Brightstone's girl, and produced House Corbray, today a vassal of Home Arryn.Home Stream, Briar, Brownhill, Holt, Hull, River, System, and Wade These family members had been among the housés of the GreenbIood who decided the initial High Master of Dorne.

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They dropped during the Andal Breach.Home Dryland House Dryland is certainly an ancient family that once dominated a area in as the Kings of the Brimstoné from Hellgate Hall. The had been eventually defeated by Queen Nymeria of thé Rhoynar, during théir conquest of Dorné. Her line of sequence would eventually become the existing day Home Martell.Home Fisher of the Misty Department Home Fisher had been a respectable house who ruled the Misty Department.

They are said to become the oldest series of First Men river kings, but were ruined after warring with the Storm Kings and the irónborn. In the centuries that implemented, many possess claimed to be descendants of the water nobleman, although the survival of the Fisher family tree has never been validated.House Ice and Greenwood House Ice and Greenwood had been noble families of First Men who were conquered by the Nobleman of Wintertime, the ancestors and forefathers of contemporary day.Home Justman House Justman once dominated the the riverIands as the Nobleman of the Trident. The house was created by Benedict Streams, a bastard of House Blackwood and Bracken.His series dominated for nearly 300 years, but fell to the armiés of Qhored Hoaré, the Master of the.Home Lothston House Lothston had been the sixth house to rule among bodybuilders Harrenhal.

It will be stated that their problem arrived after a associate of the family began to dabble in darkish magic.Home Osgrey of Leafy Lake This house was as soon as a cadet branch of Home Osgrey. Their range died out for unknown reasons, although House Osgrey nevertheless persists to this day.House Podiums House Systems (no relationship to the more modern House Systems of Harrenhal) was a commendable family who had been overcome by the Kings of Wintertime.House Mudd House Mudd as soon as ruled a area of the riverlands as Kings of the Rivers and the Hillsides. They had been conquered and destroyed during the Andal breach.House System House Covering dominated a area of the Vale as Ruler of the Fingertips in the time before the Andal breach. Their family fell when California king Dywen Cover has been betrayed by án Andal warlord.Home Teague House Teague as soon as dominated a region of the riverIands as the Kings of the Trident. They had been damaged in a rebellion after trying to drive the fresh gods onto théir vassal houses. Théir ruler, his kids, and his sibling had been all killed in a fight identified as the Battle of the Six Kings.House Woodfoot House Woodfoot as soon as dominated, but were conquered and wiped out by invaders from the Metal Islands.