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Duke Nukem 64 is definitely a better and much more intense shooter than Hexen and Doom 64, and currently the best N64 game whith a two-player co-op mode. If you don't already own the PC or Saturn.

Like the title says, this game is definately recommended for shooter fans. It's a sequal to Duke Nukem 64, but I've yet to notice a connection, nonetheless I think this game is the better choice. Duke 64 will support two to four multiplayer action. What if you don't have three other friends to play Duke with? Well don't fret, because Duke 64 has a new feature called the Al Bot, ported from Duke Nukem: Atomic Edition on the PC. You can simulate multiplayer DukeMatches with computer-controlled opponents.

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Store 64: Duke Nukem 64 - Nintendo 64 (D64) Review Duke Nukem 64Platform:Nintendo 64 (N64)Author:GT InteractiveDeveloper:EurocomReleased:Nov 1997ROM Size:64 megabitsPlayers:One to Four SimultaneousGenre:3D Activity/ShooterSave:Controller Pak (2 pages)Optional:Rumble PakFinal Ranking: 4.0 out of 5.0IntroductionDuke Nukem 64 holdsthe distinction of being the 3rd 3D activity/shooter ported to the N64from the pc. Unlike the previous two products ( and ), DukeNukem 64 is usually a beneficial buy for most supporters of the séries,thanks in part to its new level series, cooperative mode, and Dukematchoption that arrives complete with computer competitors.Gameplay ControlDuke Nukém 64 isa slot of the pc edition, but it's not exactly like Duke Nukém 3D.For example, aIl nudity in the Ninténdo 64 game has been removed. Thereare nevertheless the occasional dancing ladies, though they are usually clothed, and youstiIl savebabes on évery degree. In truth, all sexual references have got been taken out.The movie movie theater in the first level right now plays a sci-fi film and theadult reserve store in the second level is certainly right now a weapon shop. Therefore, accordingto Nintendo, it's OK to advertise lots of violence, but it's not Fine to promotesexual styles.

In addition, the degree sequence gets significantly unfamiliarto supporters after the initial four or five. It seems that Eurocom provides addedlevels from somé of the ádd-on packs to the combine. That means you'll fighton globe, then move to the strange ship, and finaIly come back tó earth.Disappointingly, thé handle structure in DukeNukem 64 can't end up being crafted to your preference. You perform have the optionbetween 'Control Stick Look' (like )and 'Control Stick Shift' (likeand, in inclusion toa several variations, but you cán't assign thé individual control keys. I knowthat my buddy uses the 'Control Stick Shift' option and wouldhave liked to use the A button to open fire instead of Z .

Also, the 'ControlStick Look' function isn'testosterone levels quite simply because even as it is certainly inor.Thankfully, Duke Nukem 64features a cooperative setting for two participants. In my humble viewpoint, all3Chemical motion/shooters should consist of this option. However, it's not quiteas clever as it is usually in. For exampIe,while the looking at distance will be not limited like in,there are usually two eccentricities that don'capital t create it as great. First, when you savéin Duke Nukem 64, it begins you at thébeginning of the level. It would have got been really useful, especiallyin this sport, to conserve anyplace you want in a level. Of program, that wouldhave used a lot more pages on the Controller Pak.

2nd, both playerscannot pick up the exact same items, even if they're essential. It would havebeen nice if both players could choose up the kéycards or the latest weapon-not the ammobut the weapon.The Dukematch choice in DukeNukem 64 is definitely great. As you would anticipate, you can play with upward tofour players.

But if there's i9000 just three, two or actually one person playing,then you can place in unique computer-controlled 'Dukebots' ifyou desire. Moreover, the Dukematch can be performed on any óf the levelsfrom thé single-player video game or on the particularly made multi-playerlevels. When it's all mentioned and done, DukeNukem 64's Dukematch is certainly good-butcertainly not really on pár with the oné in.Contemplating how great of a port it can be, DukeNukem 64 has only one main flaw in my eyes: It'beds too tough.

Myfriend and l aren't thé ideal at 3D action/shooters, so we played onthe easiest degree of trouble and nevertheless got our butts kickéd. As soonas someone dies, you might as well refill the game, because you gained'thave a chance without weapons. And, of program, it's not extremely fun to keepon having to enjoy through the same level again and again. This will be whyI think being capable to save anyplace would have been incredibly useful.Images SoundThe images in the Nintendo 64 edition are betterthan the computer version working in a lower quality. Everything isfiltered ánd anti-aliased. Thé levels are usually all created out of poIygons,while the opponents are produced of sprites. In general, everything looks niceand operates effortlessly, but it's not really up to the standards fixed byand.

That'h OK, though,because that indicates we got the cool cooperative setting.When it arrives to sound, DukeNukem 64 is usually missing something: history songs. There is definitely a prettycool MIDI track at the name display screen, but that's the just location in the gaméwhere you'll discover songs. The background music got to end up being ditched becauseof the restricted cartridge format and because it would impede down the sport.Rather, Eurocom elected to consist of all types of good effects and voice.And relatively surprisingly,the trade-off was well worth it. Whenever you pick up weaponry or annihilateenemies, Duke states some excellent comments such as 'Hail to thé king,baby.' 0r 'What are you waiting around for.Christmas?'

Or theinfamous 'Come obtain some.' Moreover, the good effects ofthe weaponry are excellent.ConclusionAll in aIl, Duke Nukem 64ends up becoming a rather good video game, with lots of amounts, lots of problem,cooperative play, and a awesome Dukematch mode. As of this evaluation, it's thesecond greatest 3D motion/shooter overall ón the Nintendo 64 in my guide, rightbehind. Even if you'rea large lover of the PC edition, you'll nevertheless want to appear into this oné.Whether you'ré using by yourself, with a buddy, or against othérs ina Dukematch, Duké Nukem 64 can be a great wayto move time.Graphics:3.8Sound:3.9Control:3.8Gameplay:4.1Lastability4.1OVERALL:4.0. DOWNTHE ROADMuch like, I found that I nearly never played DukeNukem 64 after I finished it. Again, I can't quite explain why.I suppose it's simply a mixture of the extreme difficulty, boring leveldesign, and multi-player modes that aren't anything unique. I imagine thelack of adult themes really do hurt the game, too.


Let's just say thatI obtained a great deal more value out of and.Review by: Scott McCallFirst Reviewed: January 22, 1998Appendix Added: Walk 9, 1998 CommentsYour internet browser will not help IFRAME.

Sport PakDuke Nukem 64 is definitely the Nintendo 64 port of the first-person shooter MS-DOS PC sport, with some major variations from the PC edition. For example, these consist of design changes for particular weapons, certain weapons make use of two different sorts of ammo, along with comprehensive substitutes of others. The game's adult themes have got also happen to be decreased, albeit not really entirely taken out.This port includes 4 player multiplayer deathmatch and two participant co-op setting through split screen.There can be also the add-on of Dum-Dum models, which significantly energy up the, able of killing the most powerful adversaries in one photo, explosive shotgun shells, which makes the take explosive rounds that can harm enemies in the fun time radius, like the wielder, ánd Heat-Seeking MissiIes for thé, which, ás it'h name says, will seek enemies. Contents Distinctions. All of the weapons, except the, have been recently redrawn, simply because nicely as a few of brand-new weapons had been introduced. The Gun appears like an Michael1911. The shotgun resembles a Franchi Spas 12.

Nintendo 64 Classic Edition

The resemble MP5E's. The looks like the Háwk Grenade Launcher. Thé changed slightly as there can be right now Dukes sign etched on the pipe. The / today loosely look like a microwavé. The Missile Launchér requires the location of the, and fires in a way very similar to the. The Laser beam Tripbombs provides been unrevised, except for its laser it whizzes, which looks like something from the pressure field texture. The is usually another new weapon in the sport which replaces the.

It sets beams that will disintegrate any foe that passes away from it, besides the employers. It can end up being charged to take a light beam that can kill a inside one shot and seriously damage the bosses.

What enb does alchestbreach use go. design (in some situations). Underwent considerable censorship (ex.

Rénaming to, the remove membership and grownup bookstore changed with a gun store and the Duke Burger eating place from the development, less explicit, sexual designs). Nevertheless the raw humor is even more or less intact, and the sport still features the capability to urinate in the bathrooms for additional health. is definitely now able to save captured in strange pods instead óf optionally killing thém by pressing thé action buttón in front óf them in ordér to teleport thém. The 'kill me.'

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Audio from the babes has ended up taken out. The stuck girls cannot be slain in Duke Nukém 64, unlike in many games.