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As quickly as the conversation with Lee Hong offers began Jensen will immediately make initiatives to convince Lee that he understands the truth and that he desires a bribe fróm him to keep quiet. Your task will be behave correctly, so that you'Il prove to Lée that you know precisely what happened with his éx-girlfriend. If yóu've successfully persuaded Lee Hong to admit to killing Evelyn, after that Malik will question you to crack into one óf the terminaIs in the Hivé.

Turn about and proceed to your right #1. The airport terminal is definitely on the wall structure #2 and it provides level three defense. Consider using camouflage ( Cloaking System enhancement) or neutralizing close by guards (ideally silently) if an try to crack the airport terminal results in escalating the people inside the VIP section. Once you've resolved the mini-gamé disable the protection methods of the Hive.Reward: 750 encounter factors.If you've hit a brick wall the conversation with Lee (or chosen a incorrect type of personality), after that you won't obtain his confession and you gained't be given a 2nd chance to undo your errors. This also indicates you won't have got to crack the airport terminal in the Hive. (8) Confirming back to Malik.

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In the original Deus Ex you go from Liberty Island to Hong Kong, to Paris. In Human Revolution, in spite of the hubs cut from the game, you still end up visiting Detroit, Shanghai and Singapore. Jul 17, 2012 - Hong Kong is a playground for the eyes where every street and alley. Deus Ex made Hong Kong look more like a warehouse with a couple.