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NPCs and mutants spawn at fixed points and it is possible to make them spawn there so it still has a use. I've read that you can make squads spawn at their fixed spawn point and then make them travel to another point on the map but I've not been able to get this working. Playing around trying to get this working makes the game crash a lot. It takes it a minute, but it will also make a bunch of new red circles on the map you want to take. I would always travel alone to the next circle I wanted to take, acting as a forward scout. Whenever I needed backup or I had killed all opposition and I needed some of my Monolith brethren to hold the point, I would call in a defense squad.

Well first you possess to get the coordinates óf the 3 veryimportant documents about the secret route to pripyat. As soon as you havedone that you possess to move to the Jupiter flower to obtain those 3papers, a youtube walkthrough will help you. After that you have to giveit tó Zulu near yanóv. As soon as you have got that then you will have got toassemble a squad to move to pripyat, then when you think you haveenough people to move to pripyat you move to Zulu and inform him yourready to move and you will proceed to pripyat. Reopen closed window firefox. White noise recording download.

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  1. In S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat, players can visit mechanics at the various Stalker strongholds in the Zone to upgrade their weapons and armored suits, increasing their rates of fire and ammunition capacity or boosting their resistance to certain types of damage.
  2. Walkthrough - Pripyat Quests STALKER: CoP Guide. Screen) will take you and his squad to the hospital, where the mission itself will begin. Call of Pripyat.

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But first purchase a specialsuit from Hawaii at yanov because the route to pripyat is usually complete ofanomaly's i9000. And bring a solid weapon and a lot of ammo bécause thereare mutants, zombiés, and enemy stalkers on the method. As soon as you havegone through the path you turn up in pripyat. By the method pripyat isawesome.