Brutal Doom V20 How To Install

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Brutal Doom V20 Install Guide

  1. How to install brutal Doom? By aetherventus » Sun Mar 18, 2018 8:23 pm Well, you see I'm new to this brutal doom I played doom 1 a long time ago and I found out there was an amazing mod for that game, but I don't really know how to install it.
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Install Brutal Doom Steam

Next install the Brutal Doom mod, found here, into the same folder as GZDoom. Last you will need the.WAD file from the Doom series (Does not work with Doom 3). Go into the Doom 2 folder and copy the.WAD file to the GZDoom folder. There are many ways to launch Brutal Doom. When v20 comes out, it will feature a 'Starter Pack' for people that are not used to using Doom mods, and will be a simple 'unzip and play' version, containing Brutal Doom v20, FreeDoom (a free and unnoficial version of Doom) and new maps made by me, much better than the ones included in the original game. Just be patient and wait. Civil war overhaul skyrim nexus.