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Gems enhance crafted products by adding features to that item to create it more powerful or even more ideal for a given job.There are five simple game gems:Gem NaméAttribute ModifiersGemStategic Infantry Attacklnfantry AttackRuby RedStrategic Tróop Wellness BonusTroop Wellness BonusLight GreenSiege AttackYeIlowStrategic Ranged AttackRanged AttackPurpIeStrategic Troop DefenseLight BIueGems vary broadly in their feature enhancements. Regularly, particular and their related Seasonal Event will consist of specialty gems that just happen for that event.Gemstone NameSeen inBase feature modifiersGolem Group 2014Troop LoadGathering SpeedMinotaur Pack 2014GemsAll items (31).

  • When it comes to fighting, the first word that comes to mind for many people is 'attack.' While attacking others in Game of War is definitely one way to win a battle and obtain points, it's the lesser-utilized flip side of the coin, defense, that offers the least expensive and quickest way to obtaining massive.
  • The best gem set for Lava Titan is the Mythical Divine Gem Set for the Legion Defense. Legion Defense can lose only 2K to legion defense debut. Also, I believe 5 pc lava titan with 2 kunai which have mythical gems would do well.

Best Defense Gem Set Gow List


Best Defense Gem Set Gow Reviews

Best Defense Gem Set Gow List

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